About Us

Over 30 Years of Real Estate Experience

Buying & Selling Real Estate, as well as contracting and property management. Inspect & Detect will thoroughly inspect your property weather you are buying or selling a property. We will inspect your property as if we were buying it, because we understand what to look for in a home or investment property.

The vital core components, as well as the peripheral components will all be thoroughly inspected and results will be documented so you can make an informed decision.. We have been performing Home Inspections for Banks and Mortgage companies for many years, and as a Real Estate broker I always identified issues in a house before my clients even hired a Home Inspector. 

My promise and commitment to you is you will get the most concise and complete home inspection in the business using the most advanced software. Tap Inspect is a state of the art software platform which will provide a minimum of 60 page or more report with photos, that will vary with the size of the house and what is discovered during the inspection.